Strategic Insights & Optimization

Owned and organic content and conversations require constant monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the ever-increasing investment in social media is achieving the desired results:

  • Social conversation insights
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Social content performance
  • Social platform evolution

Content & Campaign Development

Social media has put tremendous pressure on marketing & communications teams to create more content that's published faster with very little room for error.  Editorial, creative and paid media must work together at the speed of social:

  • Content strategy
  • Content creation
  • Content calendar workflow & management
  • Community moderation
  • Social media advertising



Social Foundation & Infrastructure

Whether it's a first entree into social channels or an attempt to up-the-game of a mature social media presence, ensuring the foundation is sound leads to confidence and effectiveness:

  • Social voice development
  • Community management playbooks
  • Internal alignment & training
  • Escalation procedures
  • Risk mitigation processes
  • Provisioning of management & measurement toolsets

Creative Collaboration

Social media success requires a multi-disciplinary effort between agencies of different specialties.  Having a strong social advocate at the centre of the strategic process ensures the right skills are combined in the right measure to develop dynamic and effective social media programs:

  • Social strategy development & support
  • Brainstorm facilitiation
  • Multi-agency social team development
  • War-room creation and management