I started an exciting new gig today as VP, Strategy-Social at Blast Radius in Toronto. As the social media experience that connects brands and consumers has moved from wondrous/worrying new phenomenom that many weren't prepared for to business-as-usual in every brand's marketing playbook, I've found myself playing a larger part in strategy writ large rather than finding ways to introduce and integrate social media into the execution of big ideas for brands.  The complete fusion of social into brand communications isn't entirely finished, but it's getting pretty close.

And while I enjoyed working with cross-discipline teams across BBDO & Proximity and their sister media & PR agencies, when presented with the opportunity to work at an agency that focuses exclusively on digital experiences with an equal representation of cutting-edge design, technology and engagement it was an offer I couldn't refuse...even though that meant leaving the reigning Strategy Digital Agency of the Year and a great team of colleagues behind.

Equally awesome is the structure of the existing strategy team in Toronto (more on that in the future) and the fact that my colleague Keith Liu who has moved from Blast Vancouver to Toronto as VP, Strategy-Mobile will be bringing complementary expertise to the strategy table in mobile, gaming and e-com.  I can't wait to get rolling with such a strong team of digital pros here at home and throughout the world, including the talented Brenda Fiala who oversees Strategy in both New York & Toronto.

Have a look at Blast's current reel and you can see why I'm excited to joining such a classy outfit working with some of the world's top brands: