Since Facebook announced its evolution at F8 back in September the SocialWork team at Proxmity Canada has been studying the impact of this change on how brands maintain relevance to their fans on the world's leading social platform. With last month's fMC announcement that the Timeline format will be introduced to brand pages by March 30th, Facebook's evolution seemed close to complete.

This fundamental shift in how Facebook will operate prompted our strategy, creative and technical leads on our SocialWork team to provide a joint perspective on how these changes affect brands. The whitepaper below explains what the Timeline Era and its "frictionless sharing" means to brands on both personal profiles and brand pages and how the complete Facebook ecosystem needs to be considered when planning a social strategy.

This document isn't about pixel sizes, canvas specs or technical how-to.  There are lots of those on the web already (and we've got one of those coming out, too).  "Facebook's Timeline Era" is aimed at brand managers or social media community managers trying to get their head around what the changes to Facebook mean to them and the brands they represent.

Feel free to download, share and use the information.  We're issuing this with a Creative Commons license. I and the team would love your feedback.