"What's the ROI of your mother?" has become the infamous rallying cry of the social media evangelist set.  First uttered by Gary Vaynerchuk and retweeted and referenced ad nauseum, it sure makes for an awesome soundbite for those who can't answer the dreaded "how do you measure this stuff?" question.  

The problem is soundbites don't solve business problems.

For this year's Bessie Awards (Canada's celebration of the best in TV advertising), Crispin Porter & Bogusky riff on the "Ads with Ideas" theme of the event with a series of spots that show the folly of presenting social media tactics (Tweets, Movements, Crowd-Sourcing) without a solid idea or strategy behind them.

Now if I could only convince CP&B to do a version called "ROI"...


Tweets from CPB Canada on Vimeo.


Movement from CPB Canada on Vimeo.


Crowd Sourcing from CPB Canada on Vimeo.