I know it's SuperBowl for Geeks and Spring Break for Nerds, but SXSW (SouthBy for the cool kids and South-By-South-West for the rest of you) is a maelstrom of see, be seen, have your photo taken with your Internet heroes kinda place.

And if you love Internet culture like I do, you have to love AutoTune The News.  The Gregory Brothers take the most noteworthy stuff in the news and use AutoTune to make masterpieces of pop culture hilarity.  Check out what they've done for our man Charlie Sheen (I think I saw this when it had 350 views...now at 8.5 million):

Collin Douma and I happened to be at the HP Mobile Park (client) in Austin this week and just happened to accost the friendly and accommodating Gregory Brothers crew who were trying to enjoy some tasty BBQ prior to the invitation-only Nightmare and the Cat show.

Being the polite and unassuming Canadian stereotypes we left them alone for a while. Then we realized we weren't in Toronto and interrupted their meal to force them to take a photo with us for geek posterity.

AutoTune The News

If you haven't heard of these guys, you may want to check out their YouTube Channel. It's only had a zillion views.

Now that I think about it, we're missing a brother in this pic.  I hope I didn't ask the third brother to take the picture with my iPhone...