It's Advertising Week in New York City and BBDO Proximity has been been actively involved.  First, BBDO's worldwide CEO appeared on Creatives Talk Live, Facebook's live streaming program aimed at showcasing creativity within the social media space.

I'm biased, but Andrew Robertson acquitted himself well.  Hopefully, the social media pundits will let go of the tired "big agencies don't get it" stereotype and start to see that an integrated approach to social media can be delivered by one integrated firm, or a collection of agencies just as well (or better) than by a social media rock star.  Andrew even bristled at the mention of "traditional" at the 22:52 mark:  "If you start calling things traditional that's what they'll become." Great line.  


live streaming video




Later in the week, Andrew Bailey, Proximity's North American Chairman, wrote a column for the Huffington Post that provides some insight into how Proximity's network has been built on four key pillars during the last several years:

  1. Make brands more valuable to people and make people more valuable to brands
  2. Help our clients understand what they should do, not what they could do
  3. Build our own centers of excellence within the North American network
  4. Hire our unfair share of the best talent in the world

You can read the full article at the