Here's a fun Pecha Kucha presentation I gave at the Demystifying Digital event hosted by H&K's London office for their clients in the EMEA region back in March.

It's 5-minutes long and covers what I think most organizations wonder about the most when they consider getting into social media: who should do it and how much does it cost?

I always have fun outlining the four personalities I think are key to any social media team:

  • reconnaissance
  • mad scientist
  • communications general
  • community manager

As you'll see, I use my friends Ferg Devins (Molson) and Keith McArthur (Rogers) as examples of two guys who have social media responsibilities at two of Canada's leading companies.  I have to be clear that while I assign dollar values to how much their efforts cost, I actually have no insight into what they really spend. I hope they don't mind being used as broad examples based on pure speculation on my part to support the narrative.  If they do, they know where to find me...


D2 Pecha Kucha / Ignite: David Jones on your social media team from Hill & Knowlton on Vimeo.

A special thanks to Candace Kuss for the invitation to speak and the capturing of the narrated slideshow.  She's posted many of the presentations on the HanK blog if you want to see what else went on at Demystifying Digital.