My H&K colleagues Meghan Warby, Boyd Neil, Troy Ross and Peter Imbres have put together four interesting panel submissions for the upcoming South-By-Southwest conference.  If you like what you see, then throw them a vote or nine.  Just click on the headline to go to the voting page

Boyd Neil "A Different Documentary: Online Storytelling & Social Change." 

Activists, enthusiasts & evangelists seek new ways to raise awareness, affect social change & fundraise. A documentary can effectively transport your story online to achieve these aims. Any organization can learn how serializing content, engaging an audience in the filmmaking process and involving supporters in the project itself is transformative.

Meghan Warby: "Passionate People: The Key Ingredient to Social Media Success"

Regardless of the different avenues an organization takes to inform online audiences about a cause, there is but one vital factor that successfully binds social change and social media - passionate people. This panel's roster blurs the line between personal and professional to achieve unparalleled success on behalf of their cause, workplace, employer, and ultimately, values.

Troy Ross: "Gaming’s Final Frontier – Moving Towards Monetization & Improving Experience"

The gaming sector has evolved to incorporate online collaborative role-playing & improved visual experiences. There is much to share between the monetized industry of internet wagering & the visually immersive & increasingly sophisticated gaming sectors. Witness the exchange of ideas, learnings & discussion of future collaborative opportunities between industry heavyweights.

Peter Imbres"Viral Semantics: Dissecting the Modern Marketing Vocabulary"

Make it go viral! Drive eyeballs! Engage the influencers! What do these phrases really mean? Are they misleading or are marketers just finding new ways to describe impact in a new landscape? Discuss with champions and skeptics and decide which words or phrases can stay and which can be buried forever.