PR agencies get a lot for their mis-steps in the social media space.  We get painted with a very broad brush, but there are several top firms that make their social media policies and guidelines public and are happy to hold themselves to account.   Shift and Ogilvy PR are two that spring to mind.

H&K's fearless digital sherpa, Niall Cook, is updating our agency's global social media guidelines that I have always thought (even prior to joining H&K) are among the most comprehensive I've seen.  They cover the three areas that PR agency staff inhabit when they participate in social media: personal, professional (H&K employee) and consulting (on behalf of clients).  As these are all interconnected, it follows that we need to give our staff clear guidelines to follow that help protect our personal, professional and client reputations.  And since they were first written in 2005 (!), there's a few things that need updating.

Niall's put the latest draft on Scribd and is asking for comments from those who are interested in adding their point-of-view and sharing their own best practices.

Hill & Knowlton's Social Media Principles - Public Draft