From those of you who've paid even passing attention to my blogging exploits since 2005, you've likely gotten used to seeing my blog under the PR Works banner.  It was first launched while I was at Thornley Fallis, ported over to my time at Fleishman-Hillard and has followed me over to my current job as Digital Communications Group Leader at Hill & Knowlton Toronto.

A lot has happened in the three-and-a-half years since my first post that has got me thinking about what my personal contribution should be in the current era of social media within the world of PR and PR agencies.

So, I've started fresh with a new blog platform/host, new name and new editorial direction.

New platform:  I've moved from a self-hosted Wordpress blog to Squarespace.  While I develop a lot of client projects using Wordpress, I'm not much of a code jockey myself.  Squarespace is made for someone like me who knows what he wants, but isn't html-savvy enough to make everything look the way I want.  Basically, Squarespace is drag/drop and widget-based, so it's easy to use.  The accounts are month-to-month, so if I want to return to Wordpress, it's as simple as a click of a button.

New name:  I've dropped and the clockworks motif, for the simpler  You can argue that a catchy name has a certain style to it, but I'm less of a pure PR guy now than I was when I started out.  All the old posts are archived here if you need them for some reason.  If you've subscribed to the Feedburner feed in the past, you should be redirected here automatically.

New editorial direction:  I've been struggling with which direction to take my blog in this new era of social media.  My exploits as a grizzled PR agency vet have a home on the Inside PR podcast and my anti-establishment bite-the-social-media-hand-that-feeds punditry is on display on the much more infrequent Shill podcast.  The H&K Digital team in Toronto has also launched a group blog called Bandwidth on H&K's Collective Conversation blog community that houses a lot of our more professional-oriented posts. And, of course, my @DoctorJones persona on Twitter straddles all of these worlds.

So, where to go with Inspired by Capital C's Bennett Klein's ruminations on social media, this blog will sit squarely at the intersection of "Utility & Interest" (that's Bennett's doodle at the top of the post.)  Quite frankly, I want to share my experiences consulting, strategizing and executing social media programs for clients of all sizes. In my opinion, there's a lot of talk from the social media community about what should be done and not a lot of talk about what these bloggers have actually done.  Take it from me, when you're in the boardroom with a CEO trying to convince him/her that negative comments are a good thing, you quickly realize how completely counter-intuitive this world is to a lot of decision-makers in client-land.

Look, I like real dialogue that includes respectful disagreement and dispassionate argument.  If we're going to get somewhere, we need to grow some thicker skin and be preapred to discuss and debate our good work, our mistakes and the stuff we're just taking a flyer on to see what happens.  If you're into all that, then drop by from time to time and let's chat.