As I mentioned in my earlier post, H&K Digital's Toronto team was fortunate to have won a couple of awards of merit from the Society of New Communications Research recently. 

The first award I want to highlight is our online influencer analysis work for WaterfronToronto.  I've published our entire SNCR case study submission below for your reading pleasure, but here are a few highlights:


  1. Benchmark the conversations about WaterfronToronto over a set time period.
  2. Idenfity WaterfronToronto's top online influencers.


  1. We used Sysomos Map to identify online conversations in both independent and media blogs
  2. The conversations were reviewed by our analysts to check sentiment and relevance
  3. Relevant and influential bloggers were identified based on the appropriate WaterfronToronto topic i.e. Sustainable Development, Public Transportation, etc.


  1. Bloggers' potential interest in WaterfronToronto topics and their likelihood of being interested in being contacted by WaterfronToronto was determined.
  2. This information is being used in blogger outreach efforts and in the creation of WaterfronToronto's social media-enabled newsroom

The entire report, which comes in at 60+ pages, is confidential, but here's a list of the type of information we collected through the Sysomos Map tool and our own analysis that provided the meat of our blog-by-blog analysis.

  • Topic relevance
  • Posting frequency
  • Average comment count
  • Sentiment
  • Number of Inlinks
  • Blog influence network: top blogs that link in/out
  • Delicious Links and top tags
  • Top entities mentioned
  • Share of voice for relevant WaterfronToronto topics

I'm not in any hurry to try and boil this stuff down to an algorithm.  Each blog is evaluated on its own merits.  The above items are things we take into consideration as we make our analysis and are open to interpretation and discussion.  After all, we're dealing with people here, not numbers.  We're going for relevance over ranking.

Below is our SNCR submission. All of the 2009 Society for New Communicatons Research Awards case studies are available at

WaterfronToronto Measurement Case Study - SNCR Merit 2009