The use of the corporate blog as an issues management tool is perhaps one of the most under-reported benefits for organizations considering entering the social media space.

Recently, the US Transportation Security Administration averted its very own "Motrin Moms" moment that started on the My Bottle's Up blog.  The blogger had a recent run-in with airport security and took to her blog to share her unhappiness with the way she was treated.  She claimed that "TSA agents took my son" in an emotional blog post.  Shocking stuff.  Unfortunatley, she didn't let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Enter "Blogger Bob" on the TSA's blog to set the record straight.  Not only did he look into the incident, he posted the entire video surveliance footage that shows at no time was the woman separated from her son. 

This is textbook stuff:

  • Concern was expressed by the TSA
  • Action was taken by looking into the incident
  • Perspective was provided  by publishing the video tapes on the blog. 

(Extra marks for using the blogger's post title in the headline.  Great for Google results.)

Reputational crisis averted.  A job well done.


(Hat tip to my social media partner in crime Lynn Crymble-@uncommon_sense.)