Strategic Marketing @ the Speed of Social

There has arguably been no more disruptive force to the marketing and communications status quo than what we've experienced in the last decade with the rise of social media and social networks.

The public are no longer passive consumers and brands & organizations are no longer faceless entities behind familiar icons and logos. We're all part of a new cultural landscape driven by context and relevance in real time throughout the social web.

Turning this evolution into business advantage is a tremendous opportunity for those that can truly humanize their brands and develop a true strength in real-time conversational marketing.

But the complexity and speed of social can be daunting.  The multi-disciplinary expertise required to deliver best-in-class experiences can be challenging to marshal.

Social Lab combines compelling insights, culturally-relevant content, dynamic real-time conversation and rigorous optimization to develop innovative social solutions that are grounded in human understanding & social platform relevance and executed with the natural conversational touch of digital natives.